5 Never-Fail Pre-Wedding Games

Let the fun times begin!  When planning your engagement, kitchen tea or hens party, don’t fall into the trap of playing cliché games that bore your guests and take away from the meaning of the occasion.  Check out our 5 never-fail party games that highlight your love-story and cleverly involve your guests!

1… How Well Do You Know Your Future Life Partner?


This game is definitely a crowd pleaser, and all-round entertaining for everyone.  For this game, the engaged couple individually create a list of questions about themselves, that they want the their partner to answer.  The couple independently film their response to their own questions prior to the engagement party.  On the day of the party, the couple answer each-other’s questions and their responses are compared to the videos filmed by their partner.  The guests’ witness how well the couples perform, which almost always ends in laughter and smiles!


The key with this game though is to get as creative as you can! For example, test your partner’s memory and ask them to recall certain events in your relationship like the story of how you both met. You can even bring up old photo’s of yourself prior to meeting your partner, and ask them what they think was happening at the time that photo was taken!

2… Embarrassing Stories

Who doesn’t love a funny embarrassing story?  This game is guaranteed to get your guests laughing, and the best part is your guests get to take control of this one.


Each guest at the party is asked to write down their most embarrassing memory of the couple collectively or individually, in a few short sentences.  Prior to the event someone is appointed in charge of collecting the cards, reading them privately and picking the top 6 most embarrassing stories.  Whoever is selected in the top 6, has to share out-loud their memory for everyone to hear!

3… Entertaining Vows

A few drinks in, this is a great game to get your guests laughing and mingling!  And who knows – maybe you might even get some material for your vows along the way 😉

Divide your guests into small groups and present each group with a template of the traditional format for Wedding Vows.  The challenge is for each group to create the funniest wedding vows for the couple.  To create your own template for the game you might follow the following format:


“ I ___________ take you _________ to be my lawfully wedded __________. I vow to ____________ and to ___________, from this day forward, for better or for _____________, for richer, for ___________ in __________and in ___________, until ___________do us _____________.”


Each team to read out their vows, and the couple calls the winner based on who gets the most laughs!

4… “Picture Perfect” – Find Your Match

This game is another great way to get your guests socialising with one another.  Prior to the engagement party select your favourite photos of you as a couple.  The number of photo’s you select should be half of the number of guests you have.  Print out your photos and cut them in half.  As your guests enter the room, randomly present them with one half of a picture.  The aim for them is to find the guest with the other half of their picture by the end of the day/night!

Tip: Challenge your guests and don’t make their photo-match too obvious… This way there’s bound to be some funny mismatches along the way!

5… Relationship Trivia

It’s time to see which sex really knows the most when it comes to relationships… Relationship trivia is relatively easy to set up. Divide the room into two teams – men and women – and get them to answer a list of random questions related to relationships and voila! You have yourself a fun afternoon/evening of trivia.

Your trivia questions could be about anything relationship related; e.g. celebrity couples, love-song lyrics, international wedding customs, or even questions about the couple themselves!

Hope these come in handy 😉

If you end up using these, I’d love to hear how they worked out for you, or if there are other party games that you would recommend.  Comment below!


Leanne x

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