Selecting Your VIP’s

So the excitement is starting to set in, and your edging closer to the important task of choosing your VIPs for the day!  Drafting your guest list can be daunting and stressful, particularly when you see the costs staring to rise very quickly…  and let’s face it… we all have a budget!  So, to help you manage the stress and ensure you remain true to yourself, here are 5 steps to effectively build and trim your wedding guest list…


  1. First, Think Big

Start by building your ultimate guest list – everyone you could potentially invite.  Think about your family, extended family (including your second and/or third cousins), friends old and new, and people whose wedding you’ve attended in the last 3 years.   Sit down with the parents and draft up this full list in excel.  But… be prepared to cross people off – this is the only way you can get the costs down, and within your budget and priorities!


  1. What’s The Vibe?

You’ll need to get clear on the type of wedding you want.  A big party?  Or something small and intimate?  Do you have a preferred venue yet?  If you have a specific vibe or venue in mind, you’ll need to balance this with the number of guests you have.


  1. Get Past The Guilt

Invite the people who matter to you now.  Not people that you were once close with when you were in Grade 6…  Your wedding is a precious and significant moment – you will want to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest.  So don’t feel guilty when you bump into someone you haven’t seen or connected with in years, and haven’t invited/or intend to invite to your wedding.  At the end of the day, you have to draw the line somewhere!


  1. Show Your Love At The Ceremony

For these “fringing” friends that don’t make the cull, you can still show that you care for their involvement by inviting them to your ceremony.  More and more couples are doing this.  It is a way to include more people in your celebrations (and lower your guilt!), without the higher price tag.


  1. Who’s got the bill?

If you’re having complications culling the list, consider who is paying the bill.  This person would usually have more say on the guest list.  If it’s the parents, consider their thoughts.  If it’s you and the hubby/wife, allocate a specific number to each side.


Hopefully this has helped!  Would love to hear how you went about trimming your guest list, and what your biggest piece of advice is?

Leanne x


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