5 Things Most Brides Forget…

Brides Forget

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If you’re one of those uber organised brides who thinks “there is no way that I have missed anything”, well the chances are you probably have…  There are 5 things that brides tend to forget (…and they’re important!).

So get out your notepad, because here they are….


1. The sun sets early in winter…

Yep…It’s pretty obvious when you say this out loud, but boy oh boy do some of us forget this when planning weddings!!  If you’re getting married in June/July/August then remember that the sun usually sets by 6pm or earlier.  And… the shortest day of the year is in June!   Why does this matter? Well, if you’re planning on taking photos after your ceremony, you will need to plan the timing appropriately so you have enough sunlight to capture all those great images! So, hold the ceremony earlier in the day to have enough daylight before the reception, or choose to be a little different, and take the professional photos prior to the ceremony ☺


2. Getting your overnight bag to the hotel

Pack your bags, put in your sexy lingerie and clothing (…and tooth brush!) which you’ll need for your overnight stay.  Now, the question is; how are you going to get it to the hotel?  Well, there are several options:  

(1) Someone who has time can drop it off for you at the hotel reception;

(2) Put it in the bridal car if this car will be with you for the entire day and night, taking you to your hotel; or

(3) Ask a bridesmaid to bring it to the reception, leaving it in the bridal suite, where you can pick it up on your way out!


3. Ask someone to take things home after the reception

By the end of the night, you’ll be on a high and dancing away with your husband/wife.  When the party is over, you’ll need someone to help you take home the gifts, any special mementos (like toasting glasses), the guest book, or other items throughout the day.  Ask a family member or a friend to take ownership of this.


4. Be aware of in-season florals

Yes… we have all had that moment where we go to our florist and find that our favourite flowers are out of season… heartbreaking!  You can either break the piggy bank and get them imported, or look at other in-season options that are similar to your original vision.  Either way, it’s a good idea to be somewhat aware of what’s in vs what’s out of season, so you can be better prepared.


5. Gifts for the wedding party!

A small gift is a nice little touch, acknowledgement and memento to everyone that was closely involved in your special occasion.  So your parents (sometimes even grandparents!) your bridesmaids and groomsmen should receive a little thankyou :).  And importantly, we can’t forget our other-half.  Having a gift for him/her to open on the morning of the wedding is a sweet and exciting way to start the day, and this memento will be treasured forever. But our advice here: make sure you are both aware that this is happening, so you avoid the scenario where only one person gives a gift! Yes, I have seen this happen….!!


There you have it – I hope this has helped and empowered you that little bit more to avoid the common oversights


What’s your planning tips for other brides Wedding Whisperers?


Leanne x


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