What Couples Look For In Their Chosen Wedding Professionals

We all love what we do – it’s why we’re here in the wedding industry.  We get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever we receive positive feedback from our clients, or see that beaming face filled with happiness, which we’ve contributed to in some small way.


For me, this quote rings so true…


“When you buy from a small business owner an actual person does a little happy dance” 


And I’m sure others here can relate too…


So the big question is, how can we turn our little happy dances that are sometimes few and far between, to a raging festival that doesn’t have an end date?  A dance where we have certainty in numbers, and can plan our activities ahead of time?


Well one of the ways we can contribute to a full house of dancing, is to ensure that we’re delivering VALUE to our clients.   But how do OUR CLIENTS define what value is? What do they look for in their chosen wedding suppliers?


Based on our research and countless conversations with many brides and grooms, it all boils down to these 5 criteria:



Does it look amazing? Feel amazing? Taste amazing? Did you deliver the quality service your client is looking for?



Do you promptly respond to your clients and potential clients? Organising a wedding can be a very anxious time, so couples value suppliers that respond to their queries or questions as quickly as possible, to put them at ease.  They feel they’re in safer hands.



Do you show your expertise, willingness to help, and reliability in every interaction? And do you communicate this in a respectable fashion?



Do you offer your clients some lee-way to incorporate their ideas?



Are your services worth what they paid for?  Do they see the value you provide outweigh the cost they have to outlay?


It’s these five aspects that are critically important to couples when they’re choosing between wedding professionals, and determining whom they’ll offer their business to.


Given this, you’ll notice the reviews customers complete on Wedding Day Whispers covers all 5 of these criteria.  This level of detail in the supplier feedback has tremendous value in two ways:

  1. It helps engaged couples confidently determine who they want to go with, and if there are elements they are willing to compromise on (e.g. flexibility for high quality); and
  2. It provides the feedback to wedding professionals with pin-point accuracy so they know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Businesses can then ensure they’re investing their time and efforts into the areas that require the greatest improvement, and will have a meaningful impact on their customer’s satisfaction and conversion success.



So knowing this, we encourage you to bring your clients over to Wedding Day Whispers so they can leave their reviews and feedback.  It will help you understand how you stack up to your fellow wedding professionals, and ensure you’re channeling your efforts into the right areas to drive more sales.


Leanne xx

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