Greek Island Getaway

If you’re a soul that loves to be by the bluest of blue beaches, have the freshest and most delicious food, and be surrounded by friendly and beautiful people, then Greece is a must for your honeymoon list!

Nicko and I travelled many Greek islands and loved every corner that we explored. Below is a sneak peak into where we went and recommend!


A must!  It is absolutely BREATHTAKING.  Pictures can’t even do it justice.  The scenery and iconic white buildings on the cliff face create a site that you will never forget.  It is truly magical.

We stayed in the town of Imerovigli, at one of the best resorts on the island (rated #1 on TripAdvisor) – Anastasis Apartments.  Couldn’t recommend them more.

This is Oia at sunset – incredible!

Ionian Islands

If you’re not keen on too many tourists though, and want more of an authentic and traditional experience of Greece, then the IONIAN ISLANDS are a MUST see! This is where we spend the majority of our time.


The scenery on this side of Greece is very different to the eastern islands, where Santorini, Mykonos, Paros etc. are located.  It is lush and green, has multi-coloured homes, and the BLUEST and CLEAREST ocean waters you will ever see.  Greece’s best beaches can be found in the Ionian Islands.

Our Faves…


Yes, I may be a little biased as it’s where my mum was from, but it is truly magical and a hidden gem.  It’s the second smallest of the Ionian islands, with one road stretching the land so you can’t get lost (…phew!).  If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and be in pure relaxation, Ithaca should be on the cards.


Ithaca aside (for obvious reasons ;-)), Kefalonia is our favourite island in all of Greece.  Here you will find the most beautiful waterside villages, the natural blue caves and the infamous Myrtos Beach – arguably the most beautiful beach in all of Greece!


The easiest Ionian Island to travel to as it’s attached to the mainland.  The western side of the island is where most of the action takes place.  It is home to a long stretch of beautiful white-pebbled beaches with crystal blue waters.  The water even looks fluro blue it’s hard to believe that it’s all natural! 


One of the most southern Ionian Islands. We’d recommend at least a day trip down to Zakynthos to see the Shipwreck beach (Navagio beach) – the main attraction to the island.  Spectacular views you will never forget!  

Oh goodness just writing this blog and looking at these pictures makes me want to jump on the next flight over there!  Seriously the best time we had.


Enjoy your honeymoon, wherever you find yourselves!


Leanne xx


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