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So you’re probably ready to kick off planning, and tackle one of the first – and arguably most important – decisions for your wedding day… choosing your WEDDING VENUE!!! Woot-woot!


When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, there are some key things you must ask and be clear on, so you don’t have any nasty or unwanted surprises on the day…. including a larger bill than expected!


So before you commit and sign the contract, sit down with the wedding venue manager and cover these MUST KNOW questions…



  • Is my preferred wedding date available?
  • Is there another wedding booked on that day?



  • What are the rates for different days (e.g. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday)?
  • What are the rates for different months/seasons?
  • What are the rates for different times (e.g. afternoon / evening)?
  • Are there hidden/additional costs like corkage? Cleaning fees? Overtime charges?



  • What is the deposit?
  • Is there a payment schedule?
  • What is the cancellation policy?



  • Do I have to use your supplier partners?
  • Is their price included in the package?
  • Are there any limitations on working with other suppliers?
  • When can my suppliers arrive for set-up?



  • Is there an in-house caterer? Are we restricted to only using them?
  • Do you have a liquor licence?
  • Can we bring our own liquor?
  • What is the pricing for food and alcohol (if included)? Is there a minimum spend?



  • Is there room for a band? How large can the band be (i.e. how many piece band)?
  • Does the venue have sound equipment and speakers? Lighting? Or does the entertainer need to bring this?
  • Are there any noise restrictions?



  • Can I reconfigure the room? E.g. can I reconfigure where the seating and dance floor will be?
  • What are the seating and layout options available?
  • Do you have furniture we could use? What options are available?
  • How many bathroom facilities do you have?
  • Is the site, and bathroom, handicap friendly?
  • Are there adequate parking spaces for guests? Is it free, or do they have to pay? Can I access some free parking permits for my immediate family?
  • Is there a back-up plan for unfavourable weather? i.e. rain, wind, extreme heat?
  • Are there any limitations on decorations? E.g. candles?
  • What time will we have to finish the event?
  • Who is responsible for setting up and packing down the décor?



  • Who will be our go-to-person before the wedding day?
  • Who will be our go-to-person on our wedding day? Can we meet them beforehand?


Pretty comprehensive list right?! Suggest you print this out and take with you to your meeting 🙂


Would love to hear your thoughts, and whether this has helped.


Happy venue hunting!


Leanne x

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