Why we exist

We have a ridiculous obsession with weddings!

Passionate about their significance – it is truly one of the few meaningful days encountered in life.

Passionate about empowering brides and grooms-to-be so they can enjoy every single moment; and

Passionate about reducing the unnecessary stress and anxiety in the lead up… which we know happens to 7 out 10 brides…

Our goal is to make your wedding planning simpler and more inspiring so you can have the most AMAZING celebration with your closest family and friends.

We are here to serve YOU and are constantly innovating to make the whole experience effortless and seamless for you.

We support you by:
  • Connecting you with an unbiased marketplace of wedding businesses;
  • Enabling you to enter your preferences (e.g. style, location, number of guests etc.) so you can find the businesses which match your needs;
  • Offering the most robust review system so you can get greater transparency of service;
  • Providing a simpler way to source and compare quotes on your exact requirements; and…
  • Offering awesome information, management and planning tools (in your digital planner) so you can be in control and stay on top of your preparations!

…And stay tuned, because there is more to come!

We are simply dedicated to helping you build your epic wedding… and ensure you enjoy it in the process!

The beginning.

A few years ago, I got engaged to my dream boy (yay!).  We broke out bottles of bubbly and partied with family and friends.  Then, the wedding planning kicked in… and it was through this experience that I realised just how difficult, unclear and time consuming the whole wedding process and lead up was…

I didn’t know where to start…

I didn’t know which suppliers to use…

I didn’t know if I was getting a fair deal or not…

In the end, I just used all of the suppliers my friend had recommended because it was easier… and can you guess what happened?  I made a mistake.  A big one.  I chose a wrong supplier (and a very important one might I add..) and they didn’t deliver to what I expected… And the reason is that it was a rushed decision.  I only heard the point of view from one person, and I didn’t explore who else better aligned to my style and vision.  So what I learned is that it’s important to get a broader view of who is out there and what their service is like to avoid this occurring!

From here I thought ‘…this cannot happen to anyone else’!!  So, I decided to create a community which was all about convenience and transparency.  A place where couples can go and TRUST….  A place that is purely here to serve them, where they can find the majority of businesses, and do their own easy search and discovery.  A place that allows the good, the bad and the ugly to be shared (through robust reviews) so that their decision can be informed.  A place that becomes their sanctuary – guiding them through what needs to be done, and connecting them to the wider wedding world.

Wedding Day Whispers is my way of helping couples build their epic wedding, by having everything on show, and all on the one platform.   It’s what I (and other couples) wish existed!

I really hope you love it, and if you ever have any feedback please drop me a line as I’m only here to better serve YOU!  Or if you just want to chit-chat, I’m always down for that too  🙂

About Leanne Rosamilia

Who am I?  Founder & Chief Bridesmaid.
Nicknames?  Kots, Vas, Lee, Lee-Lee, Leny.
3 words to describe you?  Comedian.  Driven.  Chef.
Hero?  My husband Nicko – truly the purest and happiest soul I know.
Favourite quote?  Life is about enjoying moments – don’t wait for them, create them.
Favourite destination?  Ithaca, Greece.
Wedding highlight?  The ceremony; reading our our letters to
eachother and exchanging vows.
Favourite song?  Anything from the 80’s and 90’s.

Ready to begin your wedding journey?