The Quickest Way I Know To Compare Wedding Prices

Yep. I hear you…  Why do so few suppliers advertise their prices?  Why is it so difficult to find and compare wedding suppliers on their services and value?  These are the same questions I asked myself when I was looking for my wedding team…  I found the whole planning process so difficult, time consuming, and frankly, a little repetitive.


Well, I’ll let you in on a tip…  There’s actually a reason why few showcase their full pricing upfront.  And it’s because the price is likely bespoke and tailored to each individual wedding.  For example, the cost of flowers isn’t just a standard flat fee.  The price is impacted by the type of flowers you want, whether they’re in season or out of season, how many flowers/bouquets/centrepieces you’re after, how you’d like them styled, and whether you want the florist to set-up and pack-up for the event.  And the list goes on…


BUT, we shouldn’t have to accept defeat, and copy and paste the same email 10 times to 10 different suppliers, or have the same conversation over and over again to get an idea of price.  There is a quicker way that we can source quotes.


In fact, what I’m about to share with you is the QUICKEST way I know, that will help you get a gauge on costs for your EXACT individual requirements.


So what is it?…..


Send ONE MESSAGE to all your SHORTLISTED SUPPLIERS which contains the CRITICAL information for a ball-park cost!


Yep, it’s that simple.  When you know all the elements you need to consider upfront, you can reach out with a detailed message to get the most accurate response and pricing possible.


Here on Wedding Day Whispers we give you the PERFECT environment to quickly get your quotes.


What you’ll notice is that in each of the category searches (e.g. venues, bridal gowns, wedding planners), there is a pretty little “Compare” button in the top right-hand-side of your screen.  You may also see a number in brackets e.g. Compare (3) – this shows the total number of businesses that you’ll be comparing.

When you click on this, it will take you to a page where you can do side-by-side business comparison, and assess their differences in reviews, services and starting prices.  Once you narrow your shortlist to who you want to reach out to, you can hit on “Contact All” and send the ONE message to everyone at ONCE!  🙂

This way when each of the businesses come back to you, you have already set the parameters, giving them the information they will ask for, which makes it easier to compare across suppliers on exactly what you’re after.


To ensure you have the content of your email down pat, and are asking the right questions and including the right information, we’re creating “Question Checklists” for every stage in your wedding planning journey.  To get you started, we have the following ready and waiting for you to read

  1. Wedding Venue Questions


Would love to hear how you are finding this process, and if it helps save you time and do easier comparisons – please comment below!


Also, we are working with suppliers to list their pricing upfront where possible, to give you an indication of the expected investment per area.  Keep an eye out in their business profiles, and broader wedding browser as they become available.


And if you want a head-start on how much wedding items are likely to cost, don’t forget to download our detailed wedding cost sheet in your member profile which gives you all the deets!


Leanne x

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