MAX Diamonds

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Contact Details:

Address: 31 Market Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000


Phone: (02) 9231 3454

Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 9.00am-5.00pmAfter hours & Sat by appointment only


Category: Jewellery / Accessories

Service Region: Australia Wide

Type: Engagement rings, Jewellery, Wedding bands

About Us | Headline:

Buying wedding and engagement rings can be an exciting and confusing experience - at MAX Diamonds, we want to assist couples to make the right choice.

About Us | Detail:

MAX Diamonds is the concept behind father and daughter team, Maxwell Lane and Alex Barnes, offering a refreshing and personal, jewellery shopping experience.

With over 40 years experience in the jewellery industry Maxwell Lane has been designing jewellery for Australian and international customers since 1971 under the trusted Gemtec brand. An overflow of demand from Gemtec his flagship gemstone company, sparked the new venture. With daughter Alex on board in 2006, together they saw a unique opportunity to cater to a new generation of shoppers.

“We want to give people the best customer service in the industry. These days, people want a unique item of jewellery that reflects their style and personality. At MAX Diamonds, we will take the time to ensure that each and every customer walks away with exactly that,” said Maxwell.


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