The 10 Commandments For Your Bridesmaids!


So being a bridesmaid has it’s perks, but there are also expectations that come with the gig, whether we have a Bridezilla or Chilla on the throne. 


So to help a sister out, below are the 10 commandments which all bridesmaids must adhere to… so share this with your girls!

  1. Wedding Dress Shopping

One of the most exciting moments for the bride is finding her perfect dress. The bridesmaids are typically part of the exclusive entourage that go for support and fun.  Try your hardest to make yourself available!


  1. Listen To All The Wedding Talk

We all know that from the moment our man gets down on one knee, all we can think about is the wedding. The styling, the colours, the theme… you name it… 8 hours (on average) of our week is consumed with it! As a bridesmaid, you must lend a helpful ear, and happily be a part of this new world of planning.


  1. Organise The Pre-Wedding Parties

Woot-woot! It’s your responsibility to organise all the fun events in the lead up to the big day… like the bridal shower, hens night and kitchen tea!  Have fun with it, and share the responsibilities amongst the bridal party!


  1. Help Out Where You Can

There are so many things to organise.  Prepare yourself as you’ll be called upon by the bride for support in some way.


  1. Make Sure The Bride Eats Something On The Day

Even if the bride is Italian, Greek, or Lebanese and loves food, she will somehow forget to eat on her wedding day, or not have much of an appetite.  It’s the bridemaids role to make sure the bride has eaten something!  Bring snacks for car ride to/from ceremony, and keep an eye on her at the reception.


  1. Bride To Look 100% Gorgeous At All Times

The Bridemaids are the mobile glam team on the day.  Be prepared to touch up the bride’s makeup, hold her dress and fix it so it looks impeccable for photos.


  1. Peeing Is Believing

Yep… the bride will need your help to go to the toilet… So be prepared to see some nudity, and be exposed to (general) bathroom behaviours…


  1. Emergency Supplies

Bring bobby pins, safety pins, a thread and needle in case of an emergency.


  1. Be The Life Of The Party!

Bring your vibe to the dance-floor.  Don’t be shy, have fun and be merry!


  1. Group Photos Must Be Taken!

Make sure you round up all your best friends / family at some point throughout the night to take a group photo.  Sometimes we all get caught up in the joy of the occasion and forget to take a picture with our nearest and dearest!


So there you have it… the 10 commandments.  Hopefully there’s nothing surprising in here!


What do you think? Anything you would add?


Leanne x


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