The 3 Problems With Following Bloggers/Influencers Wedding Lists

Wedding Bloggers

Spending your weekends browsing, pinning, and building scrapbooks of how you want your wedding to look? ; )


Yep… when I was getting hitched I had MULTIPLE pin boards going, and was following heaps of bloggers and style websites for inspiration and for connections to my wedding dream team.


These influencers are an awesome source to go to because you can find people who have the same style as you and see their recommendations, BUT there are 3 problems you need to be mindful of if you’re planning your whole wedding based on these curated lists…


  1. Paid to promote

In almost all cases, the businesses you’ll find in these curated lists are based on those who pay to be on the site, and get a shout-out.   At the end of the day, money talks.


  1. Limited view

Given that only the brands which pay to be featured are promoted,  you end up with a narrow view and don’t get to see all the other awesome businesses that are out there.  So what this means is that there may be another brand/suppler which you would actually be better off with, and happier with, but you wouldn’t even know they existed.


  1. Unsure of value for money

Given you don’t have a market view of who and what is out there, you’ll be very unclear on whether you are getting a competitive price or not…  Most of us have a budget (unless you’re Miranda Kerr!), so this is an important gap we must get comfortable with…  So if you want to make sure you’re getting a competitive price for what you are after, you’ll need to compare against other wedding business!


So all in all, definitely go to bloggers and influencers for inspiration – they are awesome and evoke new ideas!  But be mindful of these 3 problems if you’re building your whole wedding through just these curated sites.



Happy planning lovely!

Leanne xx


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