Building A Confident Budget

When it comes to weddings, there are SO many fun things to organise.  However, before you race too far down the track, it’s important to be equipped with a well considered, detailed and comfortable wedding budget.


Setting your wedding budget is an important first step, so that you can plan efficiently and effectively throughout your engagement, and avoid any nasty surprises at the end.


So to help you build and manage a realistic budget, here are our three super handy tips:



  1. Get an idea of how much things usually cost THEN build your budget…

It is SO hard to build a realistic budget when you don’t know what is needed, or how much things are likely to cost.

So step 1 is to familiarise yourself with the average expected costs of all the different services.   From here, you can then decide what you do or don’t want for your own wedding, and the areas where you are willing to splurge or cut back on.  This understanding should form the foundation of your own budget.  It will also highlight the areas where you may want to do some DIY to save on the pennies.

Where can you find this info?  Check out the detailed budget in your WDW profile… Having researched the market far and wide, I have done the hard work for you by summarising the average likely costs for all the different services (e.g. flowers, bomboniere, venue, celebrant fees etc).


  1. Decide who is paying for specific items…

Allocating items to the Bride, Groom, Parents, and Bridal Party will help with the management of your budget.   It’s important to be clear on this from the outset, to avoid any unexpected costs down the track that you may not be happy with or had budgeted for.


  1. Use a Budget Calculator to track your progress….

Once you set a budget, it’s equally important to assess how you’re tracking against it.  This is where a tool like a Digital Budget Calculator (coming soon to our site :-)) or a detailed excel spreadsheet can be SUPER handy, as it keeps you honest and makes the process so much easier.



Hopefully these three tips come in handy.  Now it’s your turn to lock down your reasonable budget, and have fun building your wedding 🙂


Leanne x


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