The Wedding Rules You CAN Break

Your wedding day is a personal occasion, so why do we have to conform to old traditions if we want to do things a little differently?  Well the good news is, we DON’T!!  You have the complete freedom to do things your own way, so embrace your individuality and bring your relationship and its personality to your event.


And on that note, here are 6 wedding rules that you absolutely CAN break…


(1) The Long White Dress 


Who said I have to wear white?  Gold suits me better 😛

A bride can wear anything she wants, from a tea-length dress, to a suit, or a skirt and top as adorned by Olivia Palermo.  Wearing white used to signify something specific…. and we all know that this rule has been getting broken for years…

Source: Pinterest


(2) A Fresh Flower Bouquet  


Whilst the traditional flower bouquet is timeliness, there are some amazing and creative alternatives that a bride can go for.  How about a bouquet of lush greenery with eucalyptus and ferns?  This makes a bold statement right?  Or how about wheat?  Or pine cones?  So many different options to consider, depending on your theme.

green bouquet
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(3) Photos Happen After The Ceremony  


So apparently “the groom can’t see the bride until the ceremony” because of some old superstition…   These days though, we are seeing more and more couples bypassing this “rule” and meeting before!  Meeting beforehand is a great way to capture your photos (when you’re looking your best and excitement is flowing) so you can focus on partying on afterwards with your guests.


(4) Sit Down, Individual Three Course Meals


Alternating plates…chicken for you, fish for me… ummm… not anymore!  Big sharing platters are all the rage – it is the best way to get a variety of food in your belly, and enable more mingling amongst your guests!  Totally the new way to go.

Source: Your Platter Matters 


(5) You Need A Guest Book For Signing


Really? All we need is a little momento from the day, so we can look back on those who were there to celebrate with us.  Whilst a guest book is great, we can get more creative.  This is where our DIY skills kick in ☺  Like setting up a table, where we have a polaroid camera where guests can take a happy snap and hang on your guest wall.  Or have a canvas painting of a tree with ink pads alongside, and guests use their thumbprints to make the ‘leaves’.  Search Pinterest… seriously a great place to get ideas on this.   


(6) The Bridal Party Sits At A Long Table At The Front


No matter what, as the bride and groom you will be 100% in the spotlight all day.  So don’t feel pressured to set-up the bridal table as a long single row in the front of the room, facing your guests.  There are other seating arrangement which totally work, and create a wonderful atmosphere!  

Like having the bridal table in the centre of the room amongst of all guests.  Or having a bridal table where everyone is sitting opposite someone (so it isn’t a single line) to encourage better mingling!  Some couples even invite the +1’s to sit on the table with them.  

Depending on the vibe you are after, there are so many options for you to consider ☺


So there you have it… these are just some of the rules that you absolutely CAN break.


Would love to hear what you did (are doing) differently with your wedding – comment below!


Leanne x


Lead photo – India Earl Photography

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