The 3 BIG Reasons You Should Be Advertising Your Prices Now

It’s an industry wide phenomenon that we don’t advertise our prices.  After all, we don’t want to get into a price war with our fellow wedding people, and have our customers just focus on the price they’re paying… right?  Well actually, it’s not right…


There are many benefits that come from us being open about our fees, which lead to a better outcome for everyone.


If we look at other industries like retail (e.g. clothing, homewares, electronics), aviation, and private health insurance, all offerings are advertised with their price.  Why?  Because these businesses focus on communicating their VALUE, and why their price point is WORTH IT.  That is, they dial up the elements of QUALITY, such as in-flight service and comfort, origin of fabrics, technical expertise etc., to highlight their value.  And with this, they’re providing their market with complete information so their decision can be informed.


Imagine for a moment that you went shopping in a retail store, and for every garment you liked, you had to enquire about its price point… Or, if you went into a grocery store, and had to enquire about the price of every single item that was on the shelf… like bread, apples, dishwashing liquid… It would become quite cumbersome and frustrating, right?  Well this is what we’re currently doing to the customers in OUR industry…


We might think that all customers are looking for is price, because that’s what we’re seeing in the enquiries coming through…  But the truth is, we are training them to ask about price because we’re not transparent upfront…


I’ve seen many blogs out there that recommend we steer clear from advertising our price, so that we can “hook” a bride in and explain our value first… But this really just leads to a lot of wasted time on both ends – both for us wedding professionals, and the couples.


So here are THREE cold hard reasons why we should start showing our pricing on our websites NOW.



We’ll attract enquiries from customers who value our offering and service, and fall within our price band.  Whilst the quantity of enquiries is likely to reduce, their QUALITY and alignment to our business and brand will significantly improve.



Rather than wasting our time creating quotes or chatting to customers who will never purchase from us, we can channel our attention into either

  1. Converting warm leads; or
  2. Other revenue generating work.

So our time will be better spent, leading to more sales for our brand.



We’ll stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate our authenticity to the market.  Being transparent and supporting couples are the foundations of TRUST. It will also highlight our CONFIDENCE in what we’re offering, strengthening our image as a trusted wedding professional.


So, if you want to miminise your time spent on “tyre kickers”, then it’s time to shine a light on your expected pricing. After all, it’s what you DESERVE to be paid.


If you have a service model that’s custom based, I get it may be hard as your pricing varies for every client.  At a minimum though, I’d encourage you to share your “starting price” or “average price”, to give your customers an idea of what to expect.  This will quickly weed out those individuals that aren’t in your target niche.


So there you have it, this is my stance… which isn’t too surprising given I have qualifications in Economics and Marketing (yes I love to study) 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Have you advertised the pricing of your services yet?  What was the impact on your business?

Leanne x

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